Rock & Roll Bingo

Over 1000 business leads in 9 months!

Rock and Roll Bingo are a well known musical bingo game that has been played in pubs, clubs and venues across the UK for more than 10 years. The Rock and Roll Bingo team reached out to Be Media looking to further enhance their brand awareness whilst also generating new business opportunities. In the past, the business had been inconsistent with their marketing efforts so not see any significant ROI so were looking for somebody to take control and accelerate their growth. 

Our Work

An initial audit took place identifying the key areas which we felt would work towards Rock and Roll Bingo’s objectives of generating leads and boosting brand awareness. 

It was decided that a comprehensive social media content and advertising strategy would be implemented, targeting the pub and venue trade across the UK. Alongside the digital marketing strategy we felt that a tidy up of the brand would help to reinvigorate engagement, boost awareness and get further buy in from the venues. As a result, a new season colour palette was implemented which has seen great success to date. 


Over 1000 business leads have directly been provided to Rock and Roll Bingo as a result of Be Media’s hard work. What makes that figure even more impressive is that the average lead is at just £2.38!

The results don’t just stop there, we have ensured that the brand has been seen by more than half a million people, their engagement has rocketed by over 6000% and video views increased by 2300%.

Rock and Roll Bingo are delighted with the impact of Be Media and the relationship continues to grow from strength to strength.